Meet Green Gamut

At Green Gamut we realize and recognize the role played by the environment/nature in our day to day lives, and have come to the conclusion that it is high time, we as individuals work towards bettering the state in which environment is now in, thanks to the exploitation that nature has been suffering for centuries. We, Green Gamut, also accept that a global change starts from each and everyone one of us and we have been consistently working towards this one goal.
At the grassroots level there have been a lot of changes and steps towards making this dream of ours a reality, but we need a platform where we can meet, greet and ideate on how to make this vision into a reality as early as possible. The pro eco-actions of the users are noted, and recognized and are in turn rewarded keeping in mind no act is dispensable and that we are united in this journey where we work hand in hand towards one common goal. This is a one stop shop for everything to do with environment, be it news, participation, action, calculations, rewards, events, donations and green friendly products.
we are?
  • Enabler to a positive social change for a greener tomorrow
  • A platform to encourage and recognize pro-green efforts
  • A marketplace to trade and ply pro-green products & services
  • We are the torchbearers for a greener tomorrow
  • Reward pro-green acts and efforts
  • Build a market and marketplace for green product artisans
  • Build an environment that educates, encourages, recognizes and rewards each and every act that creates a greener tomorrow.
  • Build a sphere of influence that moves the society at large to a greener, better world
we do?

“Small drops of water go on to make the mighty ocean”, goes the old adage, Green Gamut drives its vision from the very same philosophy. 

“Each and every act, big and small leading to a greener world is invaluable. Each such individual and their act is to be cherished and rewarded”

In a time and age where we are ever connected through the digital medium which plays a critical role in galvanizing masses for causes - Green Gamut is on a mission to

“Build a digital social platform, for a greener and cleaner today, tomorrow and ever after”


“To enlighten and educate one and all on the fragility and importance of natural resources and the imperative need for its optimal use”


Founder - Mr. Kavi Chaurasia (, )

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